A Raisin in the Sun Character Blogs

In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, each of the characters have very different goals and dreams.  Now that we have finished reading the play, which character was your favorite or least favorite?  Why?  How did their dreams or actions affect your views of them?  Provide a clear, developed response that explains your feelings about this character based on your knowledge of the play.  In your response, include a quotation from the text that supports your feelings about that specific character.  While you are encouraged to explain your feelings towards the character you have chosen, be sure to avoid ranting about the character without support from the text.



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57 responses to “A Raisin in the Sun Character Blogs

  1. Amanda Badillo

    In the play a Raisin in the Sun my favorite character was Ruth because I felt like she was always trying to keep the peace throughout her house. For example on page 38 to 39 she says to Beneatha “Bennie, why you always gotta be pickin’ on your brother? Can’t you be a little sweeter sometimes?” also on page 52 she says “You think you a woman, Bennie–but you still a little girl. What you did was childish–so you got treated like a child.” She then goes on to say to mama “She said she was sorry.” I feel that for both times she talked to Beneatha (page 38-39 & page 52) that she was trying to keep peace between Bennie and Walter and also make Beneatha understand that she was wrong for how she talked to her mother and that she had what was coming to her for being a child. My least favorite character was Walter Lee because I felt like he was very selfish and didn’t care enough for his son, wife, or anyone else just him and his dream. This shows on page 34 when he says “That is just what is wrong with the colored woman in this world… Don’t understand about building their men up and making ’em feel like they somebody. Like they can do something.” He was trying to put Ruth down to make everything about him and how he’s right.

  2. Dakota Knoll

    My least favorite character was Walter, because he only thought about the money for himself. He never really thought about using that money towards his family until the end of the book. When Mama gave the left over money to Walter she told Walter to put some of that money away for Benetha’s college and he didn’t. He used all the money for his liquor store and later found out that he lost all of the money. When Mama heard about this she lost trust in Walter. “Yessss! All of it… It’s all gone…” Is what Walter says to his family after he finds out that their money is gone. Walter’s dreams didn’t have anything to do with his family, he figured he could get the money and start a family for himself.

  3. Lyndsay Hargrave

    There are many charecters in the play, “A Raisin in the Sun,” including Walter Younger, my least favorite charcter throughout the play. I strongly believe Walter is my least favorite because of his actions and thoughts toward not only his family, but money as well. Only worried about himself, Walter Younger almost breaks the family apart, causing problems throughout the house and fighting with everyone just so he can get what he wants. Act one scene 1, Walter and his sister Benethea are fighting, Walter makes a comment about the insurance check the family will be recieving in a few days. “No! The line between asking and just accepting when the time comes is big and wide-ain’t it!” Walter is almost forshadowing his future with this quote because he ends up asking Mama for money for his liquor store idea, meanwhile Benethea doesn’t ask for money, she recieves it automatically because of medical school. Walter’s dream of a liquor store, with Bobo and Willy Harris isn’t an idea I like very much. Mama dislikes the idea as well, for example on page 70, Mama tells Walter “And there ain’t going to be no investing in no liquor stores.” A liquor store is a very unreasonable idea to invest in because it isn’t something you should bring around your family, let alone your son and pregnant wife. His dream and attitude comapared to Ruth’s, Benethea’s and Mama’s isn’t very positive. Walter’s greedy attitude and dream proves to me that he is a charecter I dislike very much and view as almost a bad guy or villian throughout the story.

  4. Billy Kirschbaum

    with in the book A Raisin In The Sun there where many characters each with there own attitude, dreams, and hopes based on reading the book and watching the movie my favourite character in the book is walter. i decided to pick walter because he has changed the most throughout the book he starts off happy then you see him upset then back to happy then he gets worried he changes throughout the whole book his attitude towards things, his dreams, and his opinions. Also i picked walter because he has realized alot of things he realized that money isnt everything somethings are just better with out ony of it. walter really suprised everyone including his family when he told Mr. Lindner what he told him. i feel as if walter was the only realistic one in the book he looked at things the way they where and looked at the future also if he had a dream or a idea he went for it and let nothing stop him that is why i picked Walter as my favourite character

  5. “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing.(looking at her) Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and for the family ’cause we lost the money. I mean for him: what he been through and what it done to him. Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for somebody? Well then, you aint through learning- because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at the lowest and can’t believe in hisself ’cause the world done whipped him so! when you starts measuring him right, child, measure him right. Make sure you done taken into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got to wherever he is.” This quotation shows who mama really is, she is an strong, and understanding individual. Mama never gives up on her children and she always knows what to say. Mama is my favorite character in this play because shes a women that has been through everything but never lost faith in god or her family.

  6. Nikki Algiere

    In the play, “A Raisin In The Sun”, my least favorite character was Beneatha. She always had to pick fights with Walter for no reason, before he even lost all the money. Beneatha had a bit of a stuck up attitude and put herself above Walter a lot of the time. At one point when she even put down Ruth for being with a man like Walter, was not needed. Ruth did nothing but support her and help her out in many situations. When she said, (page 145) “Be on my side for once! You saw him down on his knees. Wasn’t it you who taught me to despise any man who would do that? Do what he’s going to do? Love him? There is nothing left to love.” Shows that she doesn’t know how to really have love for someone, and she shows that in her relationships as well. Beneatha just does not know when to keep her mouth closed at certain times when she has no right to say anything at all. This shows me that Beneatha doesn’t have a good outlook on things and thats why she is my least favorite character throughout the play.

  7. Michael Hanley

    My favorite character after reading a raisin in the sun is unmistakable Walter. He shows not only a true perspective on a time in life when the world isn’t perfect, but also effects other characters through out the whole play by the reactions of others brought up upon by Walter and how much hope the family can generate.
    Quote #1
    Just for a second – stirring them eggs. Just for a second it was – you looked real young again. (He reaches for her; she crosses away. Then, drily) It’s gone now – you look like yourself again! (1.1.20)
    This quote is an example of Walter Lee’s problems becoming reactive to others, Walter cant help but speak his mind when ever things go bad, always finding someone else to take it out on.
    Quote #2
    WALTER (Rising and coming to her and standing over her)
    You tired, ain’t you? Tired of everything Me, the boy, the way we live – this beat-up hole – everything. Ain’t you? (She doesn’t look up, doesn’t answer) So tired – moaning and groaning all the time, but you wouldn’t do nothing to help, would you? You couldn’t be on my side that long for nothing, could you? (1.1.73)
    This is another example of how Walters realization of his harsh reality has him running away from finding his self inter meanings and problems and makes other characters protest to his negligent of hope. Walter truly was one of the main conflicts for the Family together to over come. Without Walters wise remarks and problematic timing of wanting to open a liquor store. I don’t believe the family would of keep enough hope to keep up with the hard times, without a nuisance such as Walter reminding them of how much hope is needed as a family to over come hardships.

  8. Emily Durkin

    After reading the book and watching the movie A Raisin in the Sun, I have decided that my favorite character out of the entire cast was Beneatha. She is my favorite character because she stand up for what she believes in and don’t care what anybody has to say are thinks about her. She has a goal to be a black women doctor ,which people think is ridicules diring this time peried but she does not care what they think .to me Beneath represents female independence and feminism ,because she is a strong independent woman ,who doesn’t care what others think of her and her ideas.She also likes to express herself.”I don’t flit! I-I experement with differnt forms of expression-people have to express themselves one way or another.”

  9. Tori Voelker

    My Favorite character in the play, ” A Raisin in the Sun” written by Lorraine Hansberry was the character Mama. Mama is a hard working woman who works hard for what she has. She has a lot of pride in herself and family as well. She loves her family and does what she can for them. No matter what happens she still always loves her family. For example, when Mama gave Walter the rest of the money left from the check and Walter gave it to Willy Harris, who stole the money, Mama was upset, but she didn’t stop loving Walter. She wasn’t mean to Walter after it happened. A quote from the play that Mama said to Beneatha after the loss of the money was ,“There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing. Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and for the family ’cause we lost the money. I mean for him: what he been through and what it done to him. Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for somebody? Well then, you aint through learning- because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at the lowest and can’t believe in hisself ’cause the world done whipped him so! when you starts measuring him right, child, measure him right. Make sure you done taken into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got to wherever he is.” This quote is one of the main reasons Mama was my favorite character. It shows that Mama understands that people make mistakes.

  10. Rachel Bonatto

    My least favorite character was Walter because all he wanted to do was open up a liquor store with Willy and Bobo. He never thought about what his family wanted to do with the insurance money. He also acted like a child when Mama would not give him the money in the beginning of the play. When he finally did get the money, he was supposed to put half of it in the bank for Beneatha’s medical school and then the other half for himself. Instead he took the rest of the money and gave it to Willy Harris. Walter was my least favorite character because he wasted the 6,500 dollars by giving it to a dishonest person. Walter and Beneatha ended up with nothing. My favorite character was Beneatha because she always wanted to try new things and fought for what she believed in. Even though her family and George Murchison did not believe that she would become a doctor, she still stood her ground and said she would.

  11. Merissa D'Imperio

    In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” there are many characters that i liked and disliked. The character I disliked the most was Walter.I disliked Walter because he’s greedy and selfish. All he ever wanted was for his dream to come true and for him to get the money and spend it the way he wanted. He often put down Beneatha by saying that she’s never going to be a doctor and that it is a waste of money on her schooling. On page 87 in the play Walter and Ruth get into a fight and he tells her “Who’s fighting you?Who even cares about you?” Walter was so tied up about not being able to get the money to open a liquor store that he started taking it out on his wife. However, towards the end of the play Mama had split the rest of the money between Walter and Beneatha. Walter was suppose to put Beneathas money in the bank for her but instead Walter gave all of it away to invest in the liquor store. Walter, as well as the rest of the family never saw that money again. Walter had ruined, not only his dream, but Beneathas too. This is why I believe that Walter is greedy and selfish and my least favorite character in the play.

  12. Tom McMurray

    After reading A Raisin in the Sun and seeing all of the characters attitudes towards one another my least favorite character is Beneatha. Beneatha is my least favorite character because throughout the entire book she is only focused on her own dreams, and always looks at everything in a negative way. Beneatha’s dream is to go to college and be a doctor. So when the check came in she knew mama would pay for her to go to school. When Walter spent the check in another way Beneatha said ” He aint no brother of mine”. In a way Beneatha should feel bad for Walter because he was only trying to help the family, yes it was wrong of him to spend the money but he is still her brother. Beneatha than acts as if its the end of the world and than Asagai says ” if your father hadn’t died you would not have that money. Beneatha than takes his advice and realizes he is right. This is why i think Beneatha takes things in a negative way throughout the entire book.

  13. Jordyn Lind

    In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry my favorite character has to be Mama. Mama always thinks about her family and tries her hardest to do what’s best for them. For example, she trusted Walter with the rest of the insurance money because she wanted him to be happy and follow his dream. “…There ain’t nothing worth holding on to, money, dreams, nothing else, if it means, if it means it’s going to destroy my boy.” Mama also wanted him to put some of the money away for Beneatha for her schooling so she too could follow her dream. Mama also told Walter “Like I ain’t never stop loving you.” Mama taught Walter to be a man and not to sell the house to Mr. Lindner and that he “won’t have nothing left then,” if he did. My least character is probably Beneatha because she is very full of herself. Beneatha acts like she’s better then everyone else because she goes to college by going around and using words and things that her family doesn’t understand. For example when she says “Brother isn’t really crazy yet…he…he’s an elaborate neurotic.”

  14. Brittany Morrissey

    In the play, “A Raisin in the Sun” , I had both a a favorite character and a not so favorite character. My favorite character was Mama. I felt Mama was the innocent one that wanted to keep everything flowing, and she always had the right thing to say to her kids and the right choices to make to keep everyone happy. When she forgave Walter for loosing that money and what she said to Beneatha for not forgiving him, I felt it made her look so strong, and forgiving. Also, Her dream wasn’t all about keeping herself happy, it was to keep her children happy too. For example when Mama said “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing.(looking at her) Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and for the family ’cause we lost the money. I mean for him…” She was trying to tell Beneatha that no matter what he does wrong you still have to love him and forgive him. The fact that Mama is so forgiving and loving towards her family is what makes her my favorite character.

  15. Sylvia Dann

    The play “A Raisin in The Sun” has many distinct characters, but personally, Mama was my favorite. It seems that Mama is the glue that holds the Younger family together. Through the family’s toughest time, for the most part, she kept everything together and tried to look on the brighter side of things. She had a dream, and she tried her absolute hardest to pursue it, despite what Walter, Beneatha and Mr. Linder thought about it. In act three she states “Son- I come from five generations of people who was slaves and sharecroppers- but ain’t nobody in my family never let nobody pay ’em no money that was a way of telling us we ain’t fit to walk the earth. We ain’t never been that poor. We ain’t never been that- dead inside.” This shows that Mama has respect for herself and her family because she won’t accept her money back from Mr. Linder just because they are moving to an all white neighborhood. It also shows that she cares too much about her family to let some white man tell them how to live. Mama is a strong, hardworking person, and this is why she is my favorite character.

  16. Breanna Hay

    In the begining of the play “A Raisin in the Sun” my least favorite character was Walter Lee Jr. As I continued to read and understand the characters more he became my favorite. At the begining I thought he was just out for himself whenever he talked about the insurance money. But his heart was in the right place, he always say it was good for the family. Every dream Walter had he dreamed his family benifiting from it. Walter said two things that stuck out/stuck with me. He said “I didnt make this world, it was given to me this way”. This stuck with me because for once Walter wasn’t told that he was wrong. Walter was right. Altough he lost the insurance money he was trying to fix their broken worlds. “Someone tell me – tell me, who decides which women is supposed to wear pearls in this world. I tell you I am a man- and I think my wife should wear some pearls in this world.” This showed me that even though Walter and Ruth were fighting, and were thinking about aborting their baby, he loves her. All he wanted what was in the best intrest for his family.

  17. Jessica Devaux

    In the play “A Raisin in the Sun”, my least favorite character at first was Walter because of how selfish he was. At times throughout the play he was compassionate towards his family, but all he mainly cared about was himself. Walters dream was to open up a liquor store so he could supply money for his family. MaMa, along with other family members, weren’t so keen on that idea. Because of Mr. Younger’s hard work while he was alive, MaMa was compensated with a check of $10,000.00. Her plans for the money were to spend some of it on a new house in Clybourne Park, and give the rest to her children. Walter was supposed to take some of the left over money for him and Ruth and put the rest away for Beneatha for medical school. Instead of doing that, he took all of the money and invested it in the liquor store. The money was given to Willy Harris by BoBo, because he was supposed to cash the investment. Rather than that, Willy Harris ran off with all of the money without telling anyone. Walter didn’t know about this until BoBo showed up at his house and delivered the bad news. None of the Younger’s knew what was going on at first, but they soon figured it out. When Walter came back into the house MaMa asked if the money is gone and Walter replied, “MaMa…I never…went to the bank at all…” (Page 129) The whole family was completely disheartened by this information, especially MaMa. Walter knew he must adjust his wrong doing by fixing everything, so he calls Mr. Lindner. After he made the call, MaMa asked him where he was. He tells his family, “We going to do business with him.” (Page 141) This quote suggests that he will take Mr. Lindners offer, which was Walters aim at first. Although I said Walter was my least favorite character, what he did next makes him become one of my favorite. “And we have decided to move into our house because my father-my father-he earned it for us brick by brick.” (Page 148) Despite how selfish Walter was about opening up the liquor store, he did have good intentions. When his dreams failed, he knew exactly what he had to do to get his family’s faith back. I don’t support his selfishness, but I do encourage what he did to make everything better again.

  18. Jazmin Pryce

    My favorite character in “A Raisin in the Sun”,even though he has made a lot of bad choices is still Walter. At first he seemed self centered and hardheaded but everything he did was for his family. It seemed like everything he did was a way to become rich quick and that it wouldn’t help his family. But Walter thought owning a successful liquor store would benefit his family and give them a better life. Before finishing the book I thought Walter was selfish and only cared about money, but he thought if his family had money their life would be better. When Walter lost the money I felt very bad for him because someone finally gave him a chance on his dream. He felt someone finally believed in him and his dream. But Willy Harris ripped Walter’s dream away from him when he stole his money. Walter truly thought he was doing something right and something that would help his family. Walter did have a chance to redeem himself when he had a second meeting with Mr. Linder. ” And we have decided to move into our house because my father-my father-he earned it for us brick by brick. We don’t want to make no trouble for nobody or fight no causes, and we will try to be good neighbors and that’s all we got to say about that. We don’t want your money” (Hansberry 148). This shows how much Walter has grown from the begin of the book to now. He is finally acting like a man and he helped his family stick up for themselves by declining the money and keeping the house. He realized how hard his father worked and if he never worked that hard they would’ve never gotten the insurance money. He didn’t want his father’s hard work to go to waste or be worthless if he took the money so he kept the house in honor of his father and everything he worked for. Walter finally grew up and made a decision that wasn’t for only good for him but for his family also.

  19. Alex Hutt

    In the play “A raisin in the sun” the character i felt most sorry for had to be walter.To me all walter wanted to do was help out his family,walters dream didnt just revolve around him each and every part of it had a part to do with the younger family.Walter once quoted “im a giant… and everyone else look like ants” what he is trying to say is he is the only trying to better his situation.On the other hand i highly disliked Beneatha due to selfish dream to her family.I felt she was trying to help the black women out more by showing others they can do anything.

  20. Stephan Rothstein

    My favorite character throughout the play has been Mama. She has consistently done everything she could to better their family, both in the material aspects of their lives and the familial. She was the only character whose dream, owning a house, immediately benefitted the entire family. When she falters in her faith on her children, comparing them to the plant, it reveals her humility. She’s been the most prideful character, and is the only one who has been happy with her way of life so far. She even says, “if it weren’t for you (her children), I’d donate the money to the church”.

  21. TJ Augugliaro

    My least favorite character would have to be Beneatha, mainly because of her attitude and her view of herself before the majority of ther family. I dislike her attitude because I feel it is one of some one who is stuck up and believes that they are better than the whole. Beneatha believes that being a doctor is the best thing and believes that everybody elses dreams are nothing, especially Walters of opening a liquor store. Now, both Beneath and Walters dreams are far-fechted but Walters dream is one of reason. Opening a liquor store is a lot less work than becoming a doctor is. When Beneatha and Asagai talk towards the end of the play Beneatha believes that the money should’ve been hers. but when Asagai says ” Did you earn it? All of it?” Beneatha realizes that the money didn’t belong to her, it belong to Mama and Mama did what Mama wanted to do and that was split the money up between the family.

  22. Selena Panucci

    My favorite character is Mama. I chose her as my favorite because I think Mama is a very intelligent woman when it comes to her children. Through-out the book, as her kids would be in conflict with each other, or when Ruth and Walter had problems, she doesn’t get involved, but says enough that sends a message to them. I admire how she isn’t selfish one bit about her dream or about the money from her deceased husband. When she knew she was going to receive 10,000 dollars, everyone was ecstatic. She was very happy too, but she didn’t seem to have her whole mind wrapped around it. She didn’t use all of the money to herself; she gave some money to Walter to put in the bank for Beneatha’s schooling, and some more money was given to him so he can use it for whatever he’d like, even though she didn’t want him to spend it on the liquor store. And with the rest, she used it to fulfill her dream, which was to buy a new house that had a garden for her, and enough room for Travis to play and have his own room. She puts her family before herself. A scene I really liked was when after everyone found out Walter lost the money and Beneatha said “Love him? There is nothing left to love”, and Mama said a quote I thought was actually pretty amazing. “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing. Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and the family ‘cause we lost the money. I mean for him: what he been through and what it done to him. Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for everybody? Well then, you ain’t through learning- because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at his lowest and can’t believe in hisself ‘cause the world done whipped him so! When you starts measuring somebody, measure him right, child, measure him right. Make sure you done taken into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got to wherever he is.” I feel like that quote sums up so much about the world that we all forget sometimes, and we shouldn’t forget it.

  23. In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” Mama expresses her self as a strong independent christian who believe’s everyone should follow their dream. Mama always finds a way to see light on the cloudest day. “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing.(looking at her) Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and for the family ’cause we lost the money. I mean for him: what he been through and what it done to him. Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for somebody? Well then, you aint through learning- because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at the lowest and can’t believe in hisself ’cause the world done whipped him so! when you starts measuring him right, child, measure him right. Make sure you done taken into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got to wherever he is.” What Mama says to Beneatha demonstrate’s her love for her children and how she doesnt let one mistake change her outlook towards her family. This is why I Mama is my favorite character in the play.

  24. In the play “A rasin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, walter was my favorite charcter in the begning of the story. Walter was the man who would do anythng for his family. In the scene when Ruth wouldnt hand Travisse money for school, walter gave his son all the money he had in his pants and that showed me how caring he is. But latter in the book my favorite charcter changed from walter to Mamma. After the mistake walter made by loosing all the money and how his family gave up on him. Mamma was the only person who gave the family strength to get back up.

  25. Sara Catalano

    Throughout the play “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, I developed a strong hatred for Walter. His idiotic excuses and dramatic runaways are very annoying. If I were his mother, he would certainly not be living with me, because I wouldn’t be able to put up with him. I would also have not trusted him with any of the money that was put upon their family, because of the mistakes he has made before. Walter’s dream is reasonable for his type of person, because opening a liquor store would make him happy, but it also could lead to another bad ending. For example, when Mama spends the money on something that he doesn’t want, he says, “What you need me to say you done right for? You the head of this family. You run our lives like you want to. It was your money and you did what you wanted with it. So what you need for me to say it was all right for? (Bitterly, to hurt her as deeply as he knows is possible) So you butchered up a dream of mine – you – who always talking ’bout your children’s dreams . . .”
    I think that when Walter says this, he is being very overdramatic and puts down Mama for doing what she wanted to do with her money. Walter is lucky that his mother forgave him and gave him the amount of money she did. He doesn’t appreciate anything that anyone in the house does for him, another example is, when Walter comes home drunk and Ruth offers him some warm milk, he just yells at her and puts her down just like he did to Mama. And that is why Walter Lee Younger is my least favorite character in this play.

  26. Frank DaCosta

    In “A Raisin in the Sun” my least favorite character was Walter. All he ever cared about his dream and the insurance money. His dreams affected his thoughts and actions. He never knew Willy’s past which lead to him to steal his money. On page 128 in the play Walter starts to think like Willy didn’t just take the money and run so he tells Bobo “Gone, what you mean Willy is gone? Gone where? You mean he went by himself. You mean he went off to Springfield by himself – to take care of getting the license – (Turns and looks anxious at RUTH) You mean maybe he didn’t want too many people in on the business down there? (Looks to RUTH again, as before) You know Willy got his own ways. (Looks back at BOBO) Maybe you was late yesterday and he went on down there without you. Maybe – maybe – he’s been callin’ you at home tryin’ to tell you what happened or something. Maybe – maybe – he just got sick. He’s somewhere – he’s got to be somewhere. We just got to find him – me and you got to find him. (Grabs BOBO senselessly by the collar and starts to shake him) We got to!” After this, he just ruined his dream and Beneatha’s dream too. This is why Walter is my least favorite character due to his selfishness and not thinking about the consequences.

  27. Richard Pochintesta

    Walter is my least favorite character because through the whole play it is about him and his dream. The dream about the liquor store was for him only, Mama, Ruth Beneatha didn’t approve of the idea of it. (pg 70) “And there ain’t going to be no investing in no liquor store” said Mama. The action of Walter not listening to Mama about putting the money in the bank cost Beneatha her money for school and money for the house they are moving in to. (pg 129) Walter “Mama … I never… went to the bank at all…” Mama “you mean… your sister’s school money… you used that too… Walter?” Walter “Yessss! All of it… its all gone…” Because of this scene I feel that Walter only cares about what happens to him that’s why he gave all the money to Willy and didn’t listen to Mama at all of what she wants him to do with the rest of the money.

  28. Joe Bove

    My favorite character in the play was Walter because I like how he was challenged with a very difficult situation, and he overcame it. The situation was that he was very poor and in need of money, and a better place for him and his family to live. His dream was for him to be the hero of his family, and give them the life that they deserve. He wanted to give them a house, and anything else they wanted. At first Walter had lots of hopes that the insurance money from his father would be given to him for an investment in a liquor store. On page 32, Walter asked Ruth to talk to Mama about giving the money to Walter, because Walter felt that Mama would listen to Ruth better than him. If his investment was a good one, he would be making lots of money to support his loved ones’ dreams. So in the beginning, he had hope. Then, eventually Mama gave him the money, and he was very happy. He made the investment, but his investment partner took the money and ran away. He was destroyed, and was planning on accepting Mr. Linder’s monetary offer to not move into the house. This to Walter seemed like the best thing to do, but was by no means a triumph. So Mr. Linder came over, and instead of making the deal, Walter refuses. He assertively told Mr. Linder that they will move into the house that their father “…earned it for us brick by brick.” (Page 148) This is Walter’s triumph. This is when “he finally come into his manhood today…” (Page 151) After all the ups and downs of trying to make a better life for him and his family; a roller coaster that some chose not to ride, he finally accomplished what he had set out to do.

  29. Arianna Conti

    In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, there are multiple characters with different goals and dreams. Out of them all, Mama is my favorite character. This is because she is very wise and has morals that she follows. Things that she say have meaning and make sense. Her dream of owning and living in her house to me was realistic and would be good for both her and her family. Some thing that Mama says that is very smart is “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing.”(Act 3, Page 145) Beneatha is calling Walter names since he lost the money, so Mama says this to tell Beneatha that she should be supporting Walter, instead of bring him down. Mama is explaining that Walter had good intentions and he has been through a lot and Beneatha should try to see that.

  30. Eric Klein

    After reading the play my favorite character was Walter, because even though he had a big dream he just wanted to make something of himself. His dream may have only involved him and he wanted all the money for himself, but with the money he made from his liquor store he wanted to give his family a good life. This was shown on page 108 and 109 when Walter is talking to Tavis right after Mama gave him the money,”a business transaction that’s going to change our lives”, “though I’ll have to get something a little sportier for Ruth-maybe a Cadillac convertible to do her shopping in”, “You just name it, son… And I hand you the world!”. Walter wants to be able to provide a life for his family where he can give them anything they desire, after so many years of just getting by and having his mother and wife work. Walter also is the most realistic, money is one of the most important things in life today because without it,living life to the fullest is almost impossible. It can get rid of financial worries, and allows you to give the ones they love what they want. Walter may seem selfish, but his intentions are good he just wants to provide for his family. In the end Walter made a bad business decision and trusted Willy to much. Once the money is lost, he knows that without it life becomes very difficult, hes just being realistic.

  31. Timothy Castiglia

    My favorite character in the play “A Raisin in the Sun” was Mama, Lena Younger. She was very wise and her views on life seemed to always make sense. She taught her children what is important in life, what to appreciate and how to keep your dignity. She taught her children to never lose their pride and never feel inferior to someone else. Her dream was to own a house with a garden for her to plant in. Her want for a simple yet great life for her family in a house shows her honorable values. Walter had done all the wrong he could. He gave the money that his father had worked for and was meant to partly pay for his sister’s school away and then came out of it saying that he wanted to beg Mr. Lindner for money in exchange for the house they bought. Walter had seemingly lost all his values, pride and even Mama thought he was dead inside. But Mama still said to Beneatha, when she said there was nothing left to love in her brother, “There is always something left to love…Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for everybody? Well then, you ain’t done learning – because that ain’t the time at all. It’s when he’s at his lowest and can’t believe in hisself ‘cause the world done whipped him so!” Her values in loving one’s family are clearly shown when she says this to her daughter. Mama had strong beliefs in loving her children and wanted to impart her wisdom on love to her children and now she has passed that wisdom to us. Mama was an inspirational character and we should all take something from her beliefs and values.

  32. Katie Sunday

    In the play, “A Raisin in the Sun”, my favorite character was Walter. Walter was my favorite character because of his character development,
    and because he seemed to be a man of many layers. In the beginning, and throughout almost the entire play, Walter is a greedy man. On page 33,
    Walter talks about opening a liquor store, “Yeah. You see, this little liquor store we got in mind cost seventy-five thousand and we figured the initial investment on the place be ’bout thirty thousand, see. That be ten thousand each. course, there’s a couple of hundred you got to pay so’s you don’t spend your life just waiting for them clowns to let your license get approved.” This quote clearly demonstrates how obsessed Walter is – with his longshot dream, and with his mother’s money, the money that his father is worth. Walter is obsessed with the check that is coming, and the reader sees his obsession when he mentions the check to his sister, looking at her with intent, “You know the check is coming tomorrow.” Throughout the play, the reader sees that Walter is a layered man; he’s set on his dream, knowing that this is what he wants to do, provide for his family, meanwhile, the fact that he isn’t supported, is making him become a bit unhinged and frustrated. On page 38, he is very frustrated with his family, and says, “Nobody in this house is ever gonna understand me.” He believes that his family doesn’t understand what he is trying to do for them, but he doesn’t understand that it costs money, Mama’s money, to do what he wants to do. Toward the end of the play, when Walter loses the money and accepts Lindner’s offer, and offer that would give them family money, but cost them their pride and their spacious house. Walter calls Lindner over to make the deal, but, in the end, he considers the happiness of his family, instead
    of the money that’s involved. In the end, Walter does not make the deal with Lindner, and does right by his family.

  33. Chris Leggio

    In the book “A Raisin in the Sun” there were many unique and diverse characters. My favorite character in the play without question is Walter Lee Younger. Walter was a man of optimism and that was dealt a bad hand of cards. He does not have the best moral support that a family should give someone with the dreams that Walter has for his and the Younger family’s future. An example of this is on pages 32 by Ruth “I know what your thinking about (bitterly)…Willy is a good for nothing loudmouth” and by Beneatha on page 38 “you are a nut… thee is a nut, boy”. As you can see Walter has a dream and no one in his family is supporting him or letting him down easy that it might not happen. Walter tries to make the best out of what he has. After having his dreams crushed when Willy Harris runs away with the family’s money, Walter tries to make the best out of a very painful and emotional situation. On page 142-143 he states “Hell, yes I want me some yachts someday. Yes, I want to go hang some real pearls round my wife’s neck…(after mama asks how he will feel) Fine…going to feel fine…a man…” Walter is in a very tough situation, the way his family will live and the way his family will look at him for the rest of their lives hangs in the balance at this time. In the face of adversity, Walter makes the right decisions for both himself and his family. Throughout the book we as the reader see Walter go from a narrow minded man that does not look at the whole picture and has tunnel vision, to the man that he blossoms into at the end of the play. That is why Walter Lee Younger is my favorite character.

  34. Leslie Guerra

    In the book A Raisin In The Sun there were characters that i liked and disliked.The character that i disliked the most was Walter. I disliked Walter the most because all he ever thought was about money he was greedy. In the beginning of act 1 he asked Ruth to talk to Mama about giving him money for the liquor store ” Mama would listen to you. You know she listen to you more than she do me and Bennie. She think more of you. All you have to do is just sit down with her when you drinking your coffee one morning and talking ’bout things you do and you just sip your coffee, see, and say easy like that you been thinking ’bout that deal Walter Lee is so interested in, ’bout the store and all, and sip some more coffee, like what you saying ain’t really that important to you – And the next thing you know, she be listening good and asking you questions and when i come home – I can tell her the details. This ain’t no fly-by-night proposition, baby. I mean we figured it out, me Willy and Bobo.” Walter is selfish all he wants and cares about is the money that isn’t even his. When Mama finally does give him money she tells him to split the money between him and Beneatha she tells him to go to the bank and put Beneatha’s share there. But in the end when he loses the money he again shows how selfish he is and tells Mama he never even went to the bank. Walter ” Mama … I never … went to the bank at all” …. Mama “You mean … you sister’s school money … you used that too … Walter?” Walter ” Yessss! All of it … It’s all gone…” This is the biggest reason why i dislike Walter so much because he ruined Beneatha’s dream all because he was a greedy selfish person.

  35. ” Then isnt there something wrong in a house- in a world- where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man? I never thought to see you like this, Alaiyo. You! Your Brother made a mistake and you are greatful to him so that now you can give up the ailing human race account of it! You talk about what good is struggle, what good is anything! where are we all going and why are we bothering” -Asagai
    I believe Asagai is the most down to earth man in this book, and I agree with his statement 100%. Everyone in the book relies on Mr. Youngers money too much. If you have a dream or a goal you should go out and try to go somewhere with that goal! you shouldnt have to rely on someone else to do it for you, because now a days that just isnt enough, and that is why Asagai is my favorite character in the play.

  36. Sarah Grutteria

    In the play ” A Raisin in the Sun” my favorite character had to be Mama. I picked mama becuase she was a veyr wise woman, she knew what she wanted in life she knew what her goals were and what was best for her family. Mama worked hard for what she erned in her life she never gave up no matter now hard things got. My least favorite character in the play was Walter because yeah he wanted something good for his family, but he never really understood that the money didnt belong to him. The money belonged to Mama and it was up to her what she wanted to do with it. Walter atomatically thought that the money was going to go stright to him so he can open his liquer store. But in the end he trusted someone that should have been trusted and he lost the money that he did get for himself. Walter also lost the money that Mama gave him to put away for Beneatha’s schooling. He was selfish enough to take her money to and not listen to what his mothers wishes were and lost both shares of the money. But all in all i did like the play it was very interesting to see how they lived there life on a daily basis.

  37. Michael McGovern

    Throughout the play, A Raisin in the Sun(Italicized), my least favorite character was definitely Beneatha. I feel that Beneatha was a bad character because very confrontational and always instigated arguments with everyone. One example of Beneatha’s argumentativeness was on page 51-52 where Beneatha argues with Mama over God. On page 52 Beneatha says, “Mama, you don’t understand. It’s all a matter of ideas, and God is just one idea I don’t accept. It’s not important. I am not going out and be immoral or commit crimes because I don’t believe in God. I don’t even think about it. It’s just that I get tired of Him getting credit for all the things the human race achieves through its own stubborn effort. There simply is no blasted God– there is only man and it is he who makes miracles!” In this quote Beneatha demonstrates how she sometimes does things just to make others mad. Sure, Beneatha has the right to express her opinion that she doesn’t believe in God, but she does so in a way that she knows will hurt Mama’s feelings. In the beginning of the quote, she starts out civil by trying to get Mama to understand that she doesn’t believe in God, but in the end of the quote, she personally offends Mama by trying to force her opinion onto Mama by saying there ”…is no blasted God…”. Beneatha is currently attending college and she is relatively smart so it’s safe to assume that she would have understood how large a negative impact her statement would have on Mama, especially considering that Beneatha knows that Mama is extremely religious. Despite Beneatha’s actions, her dream had no effect on how I felt about her as a character because her dream seemed as reasonable as Walter’s dream in that they both wanted to use the money as a way to start their futures.

  38. Eric Minsker

    In the play I really disliked Walter. He was very selfish and never really thought about anyone else. He had a good goal to start a liquor store but it just wasn’t right. He didn’t think the whole thing through and he ended up losing all of the money that Mama gave him. This is when I lost all respect for him and I just got so mad. He basically took all the money that his father ever worked for and put his hard work into and threw it down the drain. I understand that everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes you just can’t fix. On page 87 walter is having a conflict with Ruth and is taking his anger out and states, “Who’s fighting you? Who even cares about you?” Walter is clearly saying this because he is furious with himself and needs to take his anger out on someone. I think it is unfair that Ruth has to take such verbal abuse from Walter just because Walter is upset with the events happening in his life. I think Walter gave me a good understanding of what selfish people act like.

  39. Frankie Becerra

    My favorite character was Walter. It might be because I played him in each of my performances, but I also admire how much he followed his dream. He had faith in his fellow man when he gave Willy Harris his money. And that takes dedication. That also leads me to my least favorite character. Willy Harris. Are you serious? You just leave town with Walter and Bobo’s money? The guys name is Bobo. How can you do that to him. I don’t think I could do something mean to I guy name Bobo. What not to love? Anyway, Willy Harris sucks.

  40. Peter Segreti

    In the play “A Raisin in the sun” my least favorite character was Beneatha, because she is a hypocrite and an idiot. She would drone on about how Walter was the bad guy with all of his “Pipe Dreams” when he was trying to open this liquor store and had his heart set on it to support the family and had good intentions. Beneatha condemns her brother when she wasted money as she saw fit to “experiment” with her HOBBIES, without intent to help the family financially in ANY way. First it was the $45 Horseback riding gear she NEVER used, and then it was the Guitar lessons. If you pay attention in the play, the guitar is not shown or mentioned in the rest of the play. And Beneatha condemned her brother for wasting money that wasn’t her’s to start off with when she treated it as such. Mama was still angry with Walter, not because of Material things, but more disappointed that he was not responsible with the money.

    Beneatha also goes around complaining about people being “assimilationist” and how everyone is greedy and the whole world is evil except for her when she is, in fact a Materialistic person, constantly worrying about money just like everyone else in this world. She reminds me of a hipster, and there is nothing in this world worse than a Hipster.
    The “assimilationist garbage” Beneatha complains about is basically the same thing as Hipsters complaining about things being too Mainstream.

  41. Rachel Lange

    Throughout the play, “A Rasin in the Sun”, there are many charcters with their own attitudes, dreams, and ways of life. Walter Younger, my least favorite character, has a dream of opening a liquor store. I dislike Walter because its seems he only cares about himself. For instance when the money that Mama gave to Walter is lost, Walter believes that the only way to fix the outcome is by taking the money that Mr.Linder has offfered to the family. Mr.Linder is the only white character in the play. Mr. Lindner arrives at the Youngers’ apartment from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association. He offers the Youngers a deal to reconsider moving into his (all-white) neighborhood. Mama, Ruth, Beneatha, and Travis all have their hearts set on moving in to the home at Clybourne Park. By excepting the money from Mr. Linder Walter shows that he only cares about himself and not about his families dreams. This shows that Walter care about know one but himself.

    • Deanna Karaqi

      My favorite character in this play is Lena Younger, a.k.a Mama. Mama is my favorite character because she is a kind, passionate, hardworking women who has a low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity. She is strong, and she cares about her children very much and does her best to help them. I believe Mama’s plant represnets her children. Although the plant may not be perfect, Mama loves it unconditionally. I love how she is forgiving, when Walter lost all the money Mama still didn’t loose fate in her son and he redeemed himself when he rejected the bribe from Mr.Linder.

  42. Mike Torrioni

    After reading the play “A Raisin In The Sun” I have come to the conclusion that my least favorite character was Benetha. The reason I say this is because she lives in her small minded little world that everything is about her and should get the world handed to her on a silver platter. Benetha thinks that she deserves everything, she was given 45$ for horseback riding equipment that she doesn’t even use, and also wanted to take guitar lesson, which shown in the play only lasted about a day. Benetha’s dream was to become a African-American women doctor, now the only way she can achieve this dream was through the death of her own father, so instead of mourning his death she is excited that she gets the money to fuel her dream. She also does not care for anyone’s feelings or beliefs, She tells Mama that she doesn’t believe in a god knowing how religious Mama is, and she also flips on Walter for losing the money, she didn’t stop to think for a minute on bad that could have hurt them, she was just thinking about herself, and the well doing of herself. All these reasons show that Benetha is a heartless, disrespectful human being.

  43. Matt Joyce

    If I had to, I would say that I didn’t like every single character because this is the worst play I’ve ever. But, since I can’t, I have to say that my least favorite character is Beneatha. Oh my Satan she is the worst character in literary history. Like I’ve said in class, she’s worse than Hitler in Mein Kempf. She always rags on Walter for having “Pipe Dreams”, but has she ever thought about her dream? I mean she wants to be a doctor. But it’s 1959, and she’s a woman, and she’s from a low-income Chicago neighborhood. Like c’mon, Bennie. You’re not going anywhere. She instigates fights with Walter for no reason whatsoever, and she sees the money as hers. She thinks it’s this entitlement that she has for being this anomaly of pseudo-intelligence.

    On another note; My favorite character is Walter.

    What’s not to love?: http://www.hiphopweekly.com/100303-newsite/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Diddy_02-300×300.jpg

  44. Matt Joyce

    I’ve ever read**********

  45. Amanda Dyas

    After truly understanding the play “A Raisin in the Sun”, I think Beneatha was my favorite character because she stood out to be one of the most motivated. She wanted to make change in the world, which I think is awesome. Her dream of becoming a doctor really inspired me since she really had such a passion to pursue it, despite the condition of living she had. At times, I did see a shade of selfishness in her, but I understood that it was out of her motivation to succeed. I also love her perspective on wanted to know unlimited information, she constantly desired to learn which is great. She seemed to be to me, a woman who wanted to be rightfully as important as a male in her society. Any woman who has stood up for women’s rights is a true role model in my eyes and I thank each and every one of them since they are who granted us all the rights we have today. Beneatha also is extremely proud to be who she is, which also stood out to me. Through out the entire play she is flaunting the knowledge she knows about Africa and tries to make her family more aware of how important there background is. “ I’m going to be a doctor. I’m not worried about who I’m going to marry yet—if I ever get married”(Beneatha, Page 50). I love that Beneatha doesn’t rely on a man to live her life since majority of women during that time period had the goal of just getting married. Beneatha is so individualistic, which makes her different from the other characters. Whenever she’s on a date, whether its George Murchison or Asaigi, she disregards the affection part, and just wants to talk, which I also find to be interesting about her. Beneatha is just a perfect example of a driven woman in a difficult time period hoping to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and helping change the world.

    • Ryan Beach

      Although having these dreams and such, i believe they werent for the reasons you suggested. I feel as if she is completely self centered and the reason she wants to “change the world” is because shes become entranced with Asagais lifestlye and wants to impress and fit in with him. Also the dreams of becoming a doctor are completely unrealistic and i feel they are originally bred in her belief that she is somewhat better than other people in her situation, and this is why she looks outside the conventional things for a woman in her situation to do. As an African American in the 1960s, having hobbies such as horseback riding and trying to become a doctor would cause her to be looked at as crazy, and this is for a reason. Instead of doing everything in her power to be different, she should really help the family out by getting a job and perhaps chasing her dreams on the side.

  46. kevin harkins

    my least favorite character is walter lee younger cause he put his goal in the need of his family. although he thought he was doing good for the famioly he was clouded by his want to complete his personal goal and he would listen to reason. in the end he ends up making evrything worse than if mama would have kept the money. and even when mama said no he sulked like a kid would not going to work not comonig home and just being depressed about it. he should have acted like a man and done what was right for his family.

  47. Drew

    My favorite character is Asagai because he embodies several values that are important to him and helps spread them, mainly to Beneatha. One value that he embodies is individuality. He embraces iphis culture and believes that someone shouldn’t be forced to change a certain way so they can “fit in” with “everyone else”. He takes pride in his African heritage, and tries to get Beneatha to do the same. He introduces her to African music and Dances, gets her an African dress, and believes she should have a short African-style haircut. This contrasts sharply with the……arrogant assimilationist personality of George Murchison. Another important value that Asagai embodies is priorities. In Act 3, after Beneatha found out the Walter lost her money, Asagai is the one who puts things into perspective and brings back sanity. Asagai puts the problem into perspective by explaining that it isn’t a life or death situation. He explains that there is a problem if someone (Mama’s Husband) must die for her dream to be realized.

  48. Ryan Beach

    My least favorite character by a landslide is Beneatha. This is due to her extreme selfishness she displays in the book in many instances. One of these occurs after Walter loses all the money in a scheme of his. Justifiably, Beneatha is very upset but she doesnt handle it well. She takes all her aggression out on Walter, putting him down and making him feel worse than he already does. This continues until Mama reminds her she must not only cry for herself and the family, she must realize what this whole situation did to Walter and cry for him too. Another example of Beneathas selfishness is that it seems that she doesnt understand her family’s situation monetarily. Instead of getting a job and helping out the family she pursues expensive hobbies such as horseback riding and guitar. She also wants to go to med school and become a doctor which would drain a massive amount of money from the family. Its good to have dreams and follow them, but she has to be realistic and help out with supporting her family. Another reason i dont like Beneatha is she seems like shes a sort of follower just going along with the trends. This is evident and her constantly changing hobbies. And just because she meets Assagai she becomes a extreme anti-assimilationist, just because its something to do. She seems very fake also just picking up and dropping personalities and hobbies on whims.

  49. Nick Dingee

    In the book ” A Raisin in the Sun”, my favorite character is Travis Younger. Although he does not play a large part, I feel he is a significant figure in the development of the play. Each action of all the other characters reflects on Travis, and can severely affect the way things may turn out for him later in life. With him being the youngest in the family, the events that take place throughout the course of the play each connect back to Travis to help the reader better understand what is occuring, as well as comprehend the importance of the incident. I consider him to be my favoite character because as he represents adolescence, he still manages to maintain respect and discipline within the family. Regardless of whether or not it is intentional, Travis’ behaviors differ from those of other young children. He is not outspoken and often complaining even in the midst of the Younger family’s hardships as a black family in Chicago during the 1950’s. Although he may not fully understand what his parents and grandmother are facing, he keeps to himself and obeys what is asked of him; a quality which is often absent in the youth of our society. Travis carries a multitude of qualities related to maturity and appreciation, which will later cultivate him into a wholesome man, and also allow me to label him as my favorite character within the play.

  50. Mark Nicastri

    My least favor character in the play “A Raisin in the Sun” is Walter. He only cares for himself and the money and doesn’t put it for anything useful. Walter was only suppose to use his side of the money but instead used Beneatha’s side as well. He was very irresponsible for doing that and because he did, he lost all of that money. After Walter is notified that all the money is gone by Bobo, he then confronts his family. He then says, “Yes, all of it….it’s all gone..” His family is then saddened by the news and is disappointed in him for what he did.

  51. Gregory Ras

    In the play “raisin in the sun” my favorite character throughout the play is mama. Throughout the play she was always positive. Even when Walter lost the money she still stood calm and positive. Cause she still forgave him. And that did the problem didn’t stop her from moving into the new house. Mama was also very kind, because she had bought a house for the family to move into. So they wouldn’t have to be cramped up in that small apartment anymore. Also so Walter could say he owns his own home. Also her un conditional love for all her children. This is shown through her quote “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing.” Mama reminds me of my mother. So therefore I get a warm feeling from mamas character.

  52. My favorite character was Mama. She was my favorite character because even when her family was breaking apart she still held her ground and didn’t go crazy. Even when she knew it was a bad decision she trusted her son with the money and with putting Beneatha’s school money in the bank. Because she saw her son breaking apart. In my eyes I feel that Mama made smart decisions and she did everything right. She bought a house for the family which was the best thing to do since Ruth was having another baby. Mama’s dream of buying a house affected the my views of her as I saw Mama being the most responsible and not being so selfish because her dream of buying the house would benefit everyone in the long run.
    “Son— I come from five generations of people who was slaves and sharecroppers — but ain’t nobody in my family never let nobody pay ’em no money that was a way of telling us we wasn’t fot to walk the earth. We ain’t never been that poor. We ain’t never been that — dead inside.” This quote shows that she still has pride no matter what the situation is.

  53. Aleksi Tichler

    My favorite character in the play “A Raisin in the Sun” is Walter Younger. Throughout the play, Walter tries to do the best for his family, even with the small amount of money that he has. To help his family, Walter tries investing in risky options because he believes it will have the best outcome, in relation to helping his family in the long run. When Lena Younger, or Mama, sees how frustrated Walter is with his situation, she gives him all that is left of her money, telling him to divide it between him and his sister, Beneatha. Walter instead gives it to Willy Harris, who runs away with it. Beneatha is telling Mama she’s going to disown Walter, and Mama replies: “Have you cried for that boy today? I don’t mean for yourself and for the family ’cause we lost the money. I mean for him: what he been through and what it done to him.” Mama sees the perseverance Walter possesses to help his family not the faults he has done, and his maturity is shown when he does not accept Mr. Lindner’s offer to buy their house back, due to his pride in his family.

  54. Adam Romano

    By far my favorite character in “A Raisin I the Sun” is Mama. Throughout the book Mama is a rock for her children to hold unto. She is an example for all her children and during the course of the book causes them to become better people. She teaches Beneatha how to love unconditionally in the scene when Walter loses it. She says to Benetha “Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most? When they done good and made things easy for everybody? It’s when he’s at his lowest and can’t believe in hisself” She tells her about how a family needs to love and support each other not only when they do something good and praiseworthy, but more importantly when they are at their lowest and have no hope left. Mama also teaches Walter a lesson about family values and how to be a man in the scene with Mr.Lindner. By making Travis stay in the room with her, she makes Walter realize that putting your family’s dreams ahead of your dreams is what being a man is all about. Mama’s character inspires other people to live like she does and become better people.

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